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What’s Inside My Camera Bag

What's inside my ThinkTank Streetwalker camera bag. Photo by: Kristupa Saragih

What's inside my ThinkTank Streetwalker camera bag. Photo by: Kristupa Saragih

People might get impressed by photographer with camera in hand. It would be more interesting to explore more inside the bag. I would like to share what’s in my bag. A brief bag, actually, which I think compact enough to bring minimum requirement in my traveling standard.

I used to use another brand till I get ThinkTank Streetwalker in hand. The fabric is good enough to resist water drops and splash. I find the stitch looks strong to handle heavy load. And, it’s designed simple enough to disguise what’s inside it.

You may find a pro-DSLR body in my bag, attached to a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens which lens-hood is reversed. I also bring one medium-sized DSLR body, to make it total 2 bodies of DSLR. Actually, the medium-sized DSLR is infrared-modified body.

I bring 2 additional wide lenses in different focal length. Here, I bring 17-40mm lens for normal color DSLR. Another one is 10-22mm lens for infrared-modified body.

Considering I mostly have to travel for shooting, I always bring camera battery charger. There’s also a simple rain cover for the bag, which is included when you buy the bag. In case I need to bring a flash, I remove the charger, and put it in my other bag.

There are also a polarizing (PL) filter and gradual neutral-density (GND) filter in my bag. They’re not seen in the photo here, I put them in front pocket of the bag. Both filters are mandatory for outdoor shooting.

Well, if I bring what I want, I could put the whole camera shop into the bag, which is not wise. I would like to suggest you to bring the gears you need, not the gears you want. Keep travel light.

I find the size of ThinkTank Streetwalker is compact enough to handle numbers of gears. Shoulder pads are very comfortable. Photo by: Kristupa Saragih