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The Jeepneys of Angeles City, Philippines

All photos are made by Nokia Lumia 800 and edited by Pictomaphone app for Windows Mobile. This blog post is made by WordPress app for Windows Mobile. Date taken: Feb 10-11, 2012.

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The Backdoor - Photo by Kristupa Saragih. Taken by Nokia Lumia 800

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Traveling with BlackBerry Bold 9700 Camera

Taal. When traveling you must have pictures that would make you memorize the place. In a visit to Taal, Batangas Province, Philippines, I found this sign inside a Spanish colonial style building. Photo by: Kristupa Saragih with BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx

You must live in the other planet or live in another century back if you haven’t traveled anywhere in your life. Traveling becomes an integrated part of life and for some people becomes their habit and desire. One important thing is to have a camera to be your best traveling buddy.

One compact camera is enough to accompany you during the trip. It was years ago when traveler had to bring, at least, two gadgets: mobile phone and pocket camera. Image sensor, resolution and quality in camera in mobile phone was not good. Today, there are plenty of options of mobile phone which has good quality of image sensor, lens and big resolution.

I know a mobile phone today reaches 12 megapixel resolution. Another mobile phone put on the legendary Carl-Zeiss lens. You may want anything, but it’s better to have what you really need. I choose BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx which has 3.2 megapixel camera.

It goes whereever I go. I seldom bring my pocket camera. My big professional DSLR is with me in serious targets. Anyway, simplicity in mobile phone camera would let us concentrate more on the subject and idea rather than technical things, i.e shutter speed and aperture settings.

Sample of pictures here didn’t go through any single digital editing. I only resized them down so you may witness the strengths and weaknesses of mobile phone camera. Let the pictures talk.

Afternoon in Kalasey. Overlooking Manado Tua volcano in the distance, I found this place calming. It was a bit cloudy but some parts of blue sky occured. Shooting only the volcano would not distinguish it with another shot from another angle. An addition of foreground would make it distinctive. If you visit Manado, North Sulawesi you must give yourself a photo of Manado Tua. Photo by: Kristupa Saragih with BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx

Filipino Traditional Dance. I positioned myself as an ordinary tourist. If I put myself as serious photographer, I would remove the background and find more artistic setting. But this kind of situation is a scene that any traveler might face. There was low light condition and the subject was moving. I read the movement and tried to find the pattern, as any kind of dance would have, and caught the moment of when some dancers sat still while the others moving. Pre-focus, hold the camera button half-way then only pressed fully down at the desired moment. This is a regular dance performance in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. Photo by: Kristupa Saragih with BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx

New Year's Fireworks. Shooting fireworks is a challenge, even if you're armed with DSLR. It's even much more challenging to shoot fireworks with mobile phone camera. It couldn't measure exposure value as in DSLR, and we couldn't set aperture and speed manually. The effective way to shoot is to determine the exact location of fireworks, pre-focus by pressing the camera button half-way down and pushing it all-the-way down at the desired moment. It's hard, but I made about 2 out of 10 successful pictures in New Year 2010 Eve in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Photo by: Kristupa Saragih with BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx

Jeepney. When traveling, you must give yourself photo of an icon of the place you visit. Manila, of course, is famous with its Jeepney, the common public transport. When shooting in front of Malate Church, I found a lot of Jeepney passing by. It's only a couple hundred meters away from Roxas Boulevard, Manila Bay, Manila, Philippines. Photo by: Kristupa Saragih with BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx

St Nino Festival. A trip that match an event would give some more memories, things to learn, experiences, and subject for photography. St Nino Festival is held annualy in Manila, Philippines. I found this eye-catching costume of guards among the crowd of thousands of people in the streets of Pasay City, Manila, Philippines. Photo by: Kristupa Saragih with BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx

Nasi Kuning. Another important thing in traveling photography is making photos of local food. Yellow rice in Yogyakarta, Indonesia is made of turmeric and accompanied with grilled chicken, sliced fried tempe, and some condiments. Light situation was available light, a side light from nearby window. Photo by: Kristupa Saragih with BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx